Koh Chang's Database spayed/neuterd Animals with Microchips, Brandings or Tattoos

With Tattoo

Bailey, neuterd, at the HP at the moment, Klong Son, neuterd by AVKC

With Tattoo

Bb is a paralyzed boy that lives in the Help Point of Animal Voice Koh Chang in Klong Son. Owner AVKC

With Tattoo

Male cat from Klong son/have owner, spayed by AVKC

With Tattoo

Jojo streetdog, male neuterd by AVKC had both hips dislocated from Salakpech/no owner till he is fine again at the Help Point.

With Tattoo

1 boy Cat , Klong son/have owner, neuterd by AVKC

With Tattoo

Hunter form Nancy, volunteer AVKG Help Point. Neuterd by AVKG. Dan Mai.


Beepo, Boy, adpoted to Switzerland. Waiting for his traveldate in May 2022. Living at Help Point of AVKG, neuterd by AVKG


Malu, on the right side, Boy at AVKG Help Point surching a home, neuterd by AVKG


Girl Milou, at AVKG Help Point, spayed by AVKG surching a home.

With Tattoo

Mizu cat female, FELV Positive at the Help Point for recovery, has a broken legs. Spayed by AVKG


Female dog of Animal Voice Help Point, spayed by AVKG, Klong Son


Pluto, male. Dog from the Animal Voice Help Point, Klong Son.


Point, Animal Voice Dog. Male, lives at the help point. Point had an ingrown chain on the neck. neuterd by AVKG


Amelia, female, at the Help Point from AVKG, spayed by AVKG


Boy dog castration, Name Coconut, will go to Belgium, was at the Help Point, spayed by AVKG


Blake, Animal Voice Help Point, male, neuterd by AVKG, owner Patricia Peksa. Blake found a home in BKK.


Pepper, female, spayed, living at the Help Point of AVKG in Klong Son, Owner: Animal Voice Koh Chang.


Krista, female, spayed , living at the Help Point of AVKG, Owner: Animal Voice Koh Chang, Klong Son


Dog, Old Boy, male, neuterd, Klong Son at the Help Point of Animal Voice Koh Chang, Owner: Animal Voice Koh Chang


Adam, boy, blind Dog belongs to AVKG, he will life in the Help Point in Klong Son.