Koh Chang's Database spayed/neuterd Animals with Microchips, Brandings or Tattoos


Klong Phrao: Male, Rottweiler, name: Sato, about6 years old, owner: yes, Markus Megge-Baur.


Blacky, female, owned by a russian couple in Klong Praho, near Toolshop. (got 2 Puppies) Died on 23.07.2019


Kastration, Marty: Klong Son, Fosterhome, Male, stray, about 7 – 8 years, white fluffy, underbite, limping on left rear leg. CN:


Kira, Klong Son, Jungle road, No owner but a family takes care, Brown with white, 4-5 months Female

Goldie – missing

Cstrated without Microchip is missing till the middel of April 2017 we think she is dead 🙁 If soneone sees her please contact HDKG Panviman