Koh Chang's Database spayed/neuterd Animals with Microchips, Brandings or Tattoos


Found hit by car in White Sands in September 2016, Black-brown,  age: around 2 years, has now a wheelchairname: Rosco, died in August 2023


girl /Klong Son/have owner( spayed by HDKG, died by car accident


Dog female, spayed by spay action in Klong Prao by DLD and AVKG, have owner


Klong Phrao, KP Huts, male, no owner, ginger brown, about 5 months old, no owner


Blacky, female, owned by a russian couple in Klong Praho, near Toolshop. (got 2 Puppies) Died on 23.07.2019


  Castrated without Microchip. Mummie became sick and died 🙁

Old Man

Castrated without Microchip Panviman road. Old Man became very old and died in March 2020.